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Video streaming is the sending of the video and sound from the deposition location to a remote location over the internet in real time, by logging into a secure interface. The benefits of this are to:

Here’s an example: Let’s say your office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the deposition is taking place in Sheridan, Wyoming. But a member of your litigation team has recently had surgery and is unable to fly to the deposition, and one of your expert witnesses wants to observe the deposition from his office in Seattle. Another member of your law firm can travel to the deposition site, depose the witness and have the video of the deposition streamed via the internet to the offices in Minneapolis and Seattle. The deposing attorney can receive messages on his BlackBerry while the deposition is taking place, and your team obtains better information from the deposition.

So how does Legal Video of Wyoming perform the video streaming?

We will connect our cameras and microphones to an encoding device that connects to a secure internet interface. This system bridges between the deposition location and the remote viewers through Remote Counsel. Remote viewers log onto a password protected web page to observe the deposition. For more information about Remote Counsel, click here.

To see a demonstration of deposition video streaming, click here. (Note: you need to use Internet Explorer browser, not Firefox).

We also make a video recording and a backup digital recording of the deposition and can provide that video on DVD, MPG-1 or other formats.

The video deposition may also be posted on a secure, password-protected website for remote viewing at a later date.

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