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Our Professional work
The videotaping of vital information by a professional disinterested third party is the preferred and most effective method of preserving testimony or visual information when building or defending a successful case. We have videotaped hundreds of depositions, and we are very experienced at working with law firms and understanding their needs. We have more experience and a higher level of training than any other video service currently doing legal video work in Wyoming.
Benefits of Videotaping Depositions
  • Presenting the video deposition of a witness who will be unavailable at trial, or is unwilling to spend the time involved appearing at trial.
  • Presenting the video deposition of a witness who is unable to travel to trial due to age, infirmity or medical issues.
  • Videotaping expert witnesses, to determine if their testimony will help your case.
  • Presenting the demeanor of the witness – showing his/her expressions, authority, nervousness, unreliability, etc. that are not demonstrated by reading the transcript.
  • Moving the case toward settlement by demonstrating to your opposition how the witness will visibly appear in court and the damage to their cause of having that person testify at trial.
  • Showing your client how the witness will visibly appear and act in court.

Greg Irwin

Certified Senior Court Videographer

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