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Synchronized Video plays the video of the deponent and the written transcript simultaneously on the computer screen or iPad.

Watch this video to learn how to use synchronized video:

Synchronized video allows attorneys to easily review deposition footage, find key segments, then create and export clips for use in trial presentation programs, including Trial Director, Sanction, Visionary, LiveNote and RealLegal Publisher. Rather than focus on technology, the focus is on making law firms more successful in their use of video.

The presentation software allows you to easily edit and select portions of the video for review and playback. Presentation software is include free of charge with each synchronized video, and is also built into most trial presentation programs.

Legal Video of Wyoming can synchronize any video deposition with its transcript for review or trial presentation, whether or not we have performed the Original videotaping.

Why synchronize video?

  • To provoke a favorable settlement by showing video clips of compromising testimony to opposing counsel.
  • To present evidence most persuasively during trials, mediations, and arbitrations.
  • Video synchronization enables you to rapidly locate key deposition testimony – link directly to the video, audio, and transcript text.
  • Because the transcript and video are synchronized, you can select the portion of testimony that you do or do not want to play.
  • Both at trial, and in preparations, the ability to easily and quickly preview testimony by selecting text from the transcript will be a big time saver.
  • You can jump directly from any point in transcript to corresponding video testimony.
  • Eliminate technical problems with DVDs and DVD players in the courtroom or conference room.
  • Display the video directly onto courtroom screens from a laptop PC.

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