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Synchronized video allows attorneys to easily review deposition footage, find key segments, then create and export clips for use in trial presentation programs. Rather than focus on technology, the focus is on making law firms more successful in their use of video.

The DepoView presentation software allows you to easily edit and select portions of the video for review and playback. DepoView software is include free of charge with each synchronized video, and is also built into most trial presentation programs. In our experience, DepoView is the best, most user friendly presentation software available, and we are experts in accurately synchronizing transcripts with DepoView.

We can easily upload your finished synced deposition through password protected DropBox for you to download. This is a great timesaver and eliminates the time delay of shipping.

To learn how simple and effective DepoView is to use, please watch the instructional videos below.

DepoView For iPad:


DepoView For Windows Computer:



Legal Video of Wyoming can synchronize any video deposition with its transcript for review or trial presentation, whether or not we have performed the original video recording. Just give us a call at (307) 473-2566 or send an email to greg1@legalvideowyo.com to get started.

We can also synchronize audio recordings, such as phone conversations, dash-cam audio, office conversations, coroner’s inquests, IME’s, etc. to a transcript.

Files are created for importing into many trial presentation software systems, including Trial Director, Sanction, Visionary, LiveNote, RealLegal Publisher and TextMap.

Greg Irwin

Certified Senior Court Videographer

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