Redacting Video Depositions

redacting video depositions

Do you have video depositions that were recorded by Zoom (or in person) that you need to edit or redact before using them at trial or sending them to other parties in the case?

Ensure editing precision with our expert video redaction services at Legal Video of Wyoming. Select only the relevant clips from video depositions. We will remove off-the-record content and objections as per judge’s and opposing counsel’s designations. Trust our meticulous process for client privacy.
When a video deposition is recorded directly through Zoom, you have a complete recording of the entire proceeding, but most of the time there is extraneous video (such as the time when it is off the record, or before the deposition has started) that has off the record discussion or long pauses that you do not want presented to the jury or other viewers. This is because it is difficult to start and stop the Zoom recording at all the appropriate times.
I can quickly edit out those portions and conform the video deposition to the court reporter’s transcript. I can also redact the video according to the judge’s requirements and to the other party’s designations. I have been video recording depositions and editing video for trial for more than 20 years, and I have a lot of experience at this.
I will do this for a flat fee of $100.00 per video deposition (up to 4 hours of video. If the deposition goes beyond 4 hours, it is a flat fee of $200.00).

Just send me the video file, complete transcript and video instructions by Dropbox or other cloud service.

This can all be done by exchanging the video files through a cloud service such as Dropbox, so there is no shipping cost and you will get the finished video returned to you very quickly.
For more information, please contact me at or (307) 473-2566.
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