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proffRedacting Testimony-Editing Video Depositions

Do you need to redact video testimony from a videotaped deposition?

We are experts in editing video for attorneys. We have a complete non-linear editing facility to remove portions of the videotaped deposition for presentation in court. We can do this for you at low cost.

  • Edit out objections
  • Edit a video for trial presentation
  • Edit according to the judge’s instructions
  • Reduce the length of the deposition

This is a very simple process. Send us (by Federal Express) the DVD or videotape and the printed transcript (or email transcript to: greg1@legalvideowyo.com). Include an editing log describing the edits by page and line, or indicate with yellow highlighter which portions need to be edited out. We will perform the editing and deliver the video using one of the presentation options, often within 24 hours.

Video Presentation Options:

  • A regular DVD delivered by Overnight Federal Express
  • Uploaded to a password-protected website. You will receive an email with a link to the video, and you can then watch it immediately online. You can also immediately forward the link to other members of your firm, opposing counsel, your expert, the mediator, or the judge.

If we have videotaped the deposition and have the DVD in our files, you can just e-mail the transcript and instructions, and we will take it from there to redact the video testimony.

Call or text (307) 473-2566 for details and an estimate of how quickly we can return the edited video to you.


We can also bring our editing equipment on-location and edit while your trial is in progress. Call for details.

Greg Irwin is a Senior Certified Court Videographer with more than 10 years experience in court videography. He and his associates have many years of experience redacting testimony according to an attorney’s instructions and have more than 25 years of professional video experience.

Greg Irwin

Certified Senior Court Videographer

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