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Legal Video of Wyoming is a video firm that video records depositions, but we are not court reporters. However, we constantly work with court reporters and so this is a list of reporters we work with and recommend you call to cover your deposition in Wyoming. After you have scheduled your court reporter, we would appreciate it if you called us for your video recording needs at (307) 473-2566.

For your information:

Wyoming is a large state geographically, but with a small population. This means that court reporters and videographers routinely travel great distances to cover depositions. Most court reporters regularly travel more than 100 miles to cover depositions.

There is often a shortage of court reporters in Wyoming on any given day (especially on Tuesdays). It is common for Wyoming court reporters to travel from one city to another, so don’t be surprised if there are travel charges. It is also not uncommon for court reporters to travel into Wyoming from another state to cover depositions.

Here is the list, in no particular order except the city their office is located:

    • Wyoming Reporting Service Casper, WY and Cheyenne, WY (800) 444-2826
    • Marrilyn Walz Casper, Wyoming (307) 265-0543
    • Susan Edwards, RPR, CSR Casper, Wyoming (626)-437-2801 Susan.EdwardsCSR@gmail.com
    • Megan Strawn Casper, Wyoming (720)-217-3216 strawnreporting@Yahoo.com
    • Alexis Anderson Casper, Wyoming (307) 262-3334
    • Summit Reporting (Jeannie Gebes) Cheyenne, Wyoming (307) 209-1483 summitcourtreporters@gmail.com
    • Barbara Morganweck Cody, Wyoming (307) 250-0220 barbcourtreporter@gmail.com
    • Indelible Impressions (Gina Chavez) Laramie, Cheyenne, Rawlins (307) 392-4605
    • Bunn & Associates Lusk, Wyoming (800) 435-2468
    • Sabrina Trevathan Rawlins, Wyoming (307) 324-5545
    • Carol O’Brien Sheridan and Gillette, Wyoming (307) 672-3354
    • Dwande LeMay, RPR Gillette, Wyoming (307) 689-7267 dwande62@gmail.com
    • Two Sisters Court Reporting Lander, Wyoming (307) 438-1629
    • Cindy Pfingston Rapid City, South Dakota (605) 877-1806 (also covers northern Wyoming and the surrounding areas)
    • Jason Meadors Ft. Collins, CO (970) 482-1506 (also covers southeastern Wyoming)
    • Dauster Reporting Service Ft. Collins, CO (970) 631-5925 (also covers southeastern WY)
    • T & T Reporting Idaho Falls, Idaho (208) 529-5491 (also covers Jackson/northwestern WY)
    • NOTARY: Peggy King, CSA Casper, Wyoming (307) 265-9333

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