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cam-iconProfessional Video and Audio Recording Equipment

Depositions are video recorded with professional grade equipment to meet your video and audio needs.

We record depositions in high quality digital video format with time/date stamp showing date-hour-minute-seconds. For redundancy, we simultaneously record a backup video file.

This enables us to quickly convert the video to DVD or other video file formats.

To create very high quality sound, we record the witness and attorneys with individual lavalier microphones and table mics if necessary, and constantly monitor the sound recording.

We can provide the stenographic court reporter with a complete set of audio files of the entire deposition.

Video depositions can be delivered on DVD, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format, and synchronized video.

Video files can be delivered physically or by DropBox.

Greg Irwin

Certified Senior Court Videographer

We will never share your contact information with anyone, period. We are trained in the relevant issues of confidentiality and will never disclose any private information, facts of a case or video related to a legal matter without express written permission.