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videoeffDuplication of DVDs and CDs

We have a lot of experience in duplication and we understand the special needs of law firms and law enforcement. On occasion you may receive materials that are not properly recorded and need to be fixed. For example, you may receive a DVD that has not been “finalized” and will not play, or you may receive video that has been recorded on a proprietary format and does not play. We can help you solve these problems and will help you to obtain video and audio evidence that will work for you.
Please call for details at (307) 473-2566.

Duplication Pricing

DVD copies (up to 120 minutes)
1 Copy                                    2 – 4 Copies                                       5 – 7 Copies

$14.95                                     $11.95 each                                        $9.95 each

Audio CDs


1 Copy                                     2 – 4 Copies                                      5 – 7 Copies

$14.95                                     $11.95 each                                        $9.95 each

Audio Cassettes

1 Copy                                     2 – 4 Copies                                       5 – 7 Copies

$12.00                                     $10.00 each                                        $8.00 each

Shipping will be charged for work sent beyond Casper, WY.

All products include black ink printed labels. All DVDs and CDs will be packaged in plastic cases. Other packaging available upon request.

All media documents to be used in court can be accompanied with a “Certificate of Authenticity” that the product is an accurate and complete duplication of the “original” as received by Legal Video of Wyoming.

Video Format Conversions

From: VHS to DVD: $25.00 (Up to 2 hours per tape or disc)

If your job requires conversion from one type of video media to another prior to making duplications (i.e.,videotape to DVD) there will be a charge for making the master prior to making the duplications. This requires the making of a new master in “real time” which will be done at the flat rate of $25.00 per video up to 120 minutes in length. This charge includes the first copy. We do not do foreign format conversions.

Audio Format Conversions

Extracting audio from DVD and recording onto audio CD: $12.00

Greg Irwin

Certified Senior Court Videographer

We will never share your contact information with anyone, period. We are trained in the relevant issues of confidentiality and will never disclose any private information, facts of a case or video related to a legal matter without express written permission.