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The purpose of a Day-In-The-Life documentary is to portray the consequential damages a plaintiff has sustained because of an injury.

The goal of this type of video presentation, also known as “Activities of Daily Living”, is to show the jury that the plaintiff’s life has been changed. It is not inherently inflammatory and is not intended to arouse the sympathy of the jury. The point is to honestly and accurately show how the plaintiff’s routine and normal life has been changed by his or her handicap, and to help the jury measure the loss.

Video has the ability to place an audience into the daily life struggles of the plaintiff and give the jury the opportunity to understand what the plaintiff has to live with.

Most personal injury cases represents a potential use of this trial tool.

Although (due to confidentiality) we cannot post an actual Day in the Life documentary on our website, we will be happy to have a personal consultation to discuss how it would be created and what should be included.

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