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Legal Video of Wyoming specializes in converting video that has been obtained from various sources on different formats and converting them to a video format that is accessible and functional for attorneys, their staff and the courts. For example, we can convert video formats used by surveillance video systems, private investigators, law enforcement, dash cams, wearable cameras, and other sources to standard video formats (including MPEG, MP4, MOV, and others) that can be played on Windows computers and Apple computers and iPads. We can also deliver them as DVDs.


In addition, we can also edit these video recordings to select the relevant portions out of lengthy recordings.


We can also upload and download these videos from our editing facility directly to the end users through the internet, using a secure Dropbox account. This saves the time, trouble and expense of shipping them by Federal Express or other means.


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Greg Irwin

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We will never share your contact information with anyone, period. We are trained in the relevant issues of confidentiality and will never disclose any private information, facts of a case or video related to a legal matter without express written permission.