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Legal Video of Wyoming records depositions in accordance with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) which governs the taking of videotaped depositions to be admitted in a court of law.
Recorded video is the best method to effectively present the visual and verbal communication cues of the witness. It is the best alternative to a live appearance of an unavailable key witness.
We record depositions with proper lighting and backgrounds. Microphones are placed on the deponent, deposing attorney, opposing attorney and videographer.
Videotaped depositions can be synchronized with the court reporter’s written transcript. This provides a very useful tool for reviewing the deposition and trial presentation.
Our depositions are recorded in professional digital format, with year-month-date-day-hour-minute-seconds burned into the lower third of the image. We simultaneously record a backup video file.
Legal Video of Wyoming can provide duplicates of the original videotape on DVD, synchronized video or digital files.
In addition, an audio recording of the deposition can be delivered to the stenographic court reporter.
Deposition videos are delivered with a Tape Log, Objections and Colloquy Log, and proper labeling and packaging. The video is delivered with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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